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Gospel for breakfast
Morning thoughts of the Castaldi family ( Saronno, Italy ) gathered to pray and grow together.
Meditations offered to everybody to launch the prayer in the christian families of the world.
The English version was edited by Franco Gioia and Paolo Sala and it was coordinated by Gabriele Bottai


Mr. and Mrs. Castaldi presented their book "Gospel for breakfast"

On 13 November 2010, at the Chapter House of the Sanctuary, at 21, Pierluigi and Anna Maria Castaldi presented, along with Don Pierluigi Zaffaroni, their book "Gospel for breakfast," published by Edizioni Messaggero Padova, Italy.
Mr. and Mrs. Castaldi live in Saronno, Italy, in the parish of the Sanctuary, and their family cheered from fourteen children, natural as well as adopted. At the end of the presentation Pierluigi and Anna Maria have been happy with a toast to celebrate the birth of this book, which shows the secret of their family history. Here below the presentation of the book explains its genesis.

Many years elapsed since our children were young and we taught them to pray, not to tell lies, and to do their homework and cycling. They are now grown, they have all their university degree and a professional activity. Many have formed their own family, made us rich of grandchildren and have then left the family home. For thirty years, by the morning, we got up and we started the day, all sitting around the dining table more than four meters long, for breakfast, attracted by the smell of toast and look forward to pray and meditate on the Scriptures. Then, after half an hour, everyone was used to go to its commitments for the day: we as parents to work, the children to school or kindergarten, and the grandmother at home to prepare the lunch and to keep in order the clothes for everyone. So, one day after another, we all grew up in the light of God's word. The basic parts of our praying together were and still are, the reading of the Holy Scriptures – with preference to the Gospel of the liturgy of the day – followed by some reflection, praise and thanksgiving to God for all the gifts with which we were continually filled, in addition to the request of intercession for our needs as well as for the people experiencing moments of particular difficulty. And it has been always been very nice to go from the prayer request for a special grace, to that of gratitude for having it obtained. Because some children have been adopted and come already older, from distant countries, we as parents found ourselves having to deal with, educate and breed young people of different ages, different cultures, different backgrounds and even language. In fact we were all of us to be educated, we as parents and they as children. Thus, at the suggestion of friends Alberto and Chiara Natali, who some years earlier had been in a situation very similar to ours, we decided to go to school all of us by entrusting to the Word of God that every day the Church offers us in the liturgy. Thanks to God, we as parents, although with some ailment due to the passing years, we enjoy good health, it seems there is still enough sand on top of our hourglasses, and we would like to make good use of this wonderful time of "night that does not darken." So we went to find, sometimes updating it, what the Lord has told us over the years, during our morning prayers. It is a desire born some time ago, we left it to parking for sometime, then we talked to Father Raniero Cantalamessa, who encouraged us with these words: "The idea seems good, responding to Jesus after the multiplication of the loaves: "Gather the fragments left over, so that nothing will be wasted" (Jn 6,12). Then our friend Gabriel Bottai came, who collected our thoughts, wrote and organized in the form you can read today. In gathering the thoughts a desire to offer it to others was born in us: to all those who want to enrich the days of new meanings and new hopes. In particular we would like to help the families in the daily grind of raising children. Many parents, in fact, wish to educate their children as Christians, but often they do not know how to do and where to start, they do not know an easy and secure system.
How many times we have reflected on the importance of fooding in us and our children the attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving, often helping ourselves by the reading of psalms, which are rich! As this feeling is gathered, the eye and the heart becomes increasingly able to recognize and rejoice in all the wonders that the Lord generates in our daily life, in creation and history. This is also the most effective medicine to eradicate sadness, unhappiness and depression, today more and more popular. If the parents, who say that they cannot find the time to pray with their children, would know what they could earn and how much it would save disappointment and sorrow, they would find time to do so immediately. Even today, wherever the children are gone, with their new families or in contexts in which they found themselves living, they have maintained the habit of prayer and meditation on the Word of God, by the morning during breakfast. We as parents, who in the meantime become grandparents, nineteen times already, we returned to be again two, as when we got married, but the morning prayer goes on and on. By the beginning we prayed with the children, now we pray for the children, their families, grandchildren, friends, society and for those who ask us for a "memento" for them. So even though we are two, we continue to be in communion of prayer with everyone.


Anna Maria Rossi e Pierluigi Castaldi
via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 29 - 21047 Saronno (VA) ITALY